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Hiring Martial Arts Instructors ?

How many School Owners are doing everything
in their martial arts school from teaching,
administration, Introductory lessons,
enrolments, answering the telephone, you
name it you do it!

It might be that your school is still in its
early development, or theres a lack of funds
in the coffer to employ another member of
staff, or you just might not feel
comfortable employing someone because you
don't feel they can do anything to your

If your at a point in time when your school
has reached a level when you're just burnt
out and fed up of putting in too many hours
that your hobby turned job is not longer a
hobby, and you find that your school is no
longer growing how you would like, because
your just not able to maintain the level of
service people have expected because you're
run off your feet.

Then maybe it's time to look at hiring a
full or part time member of staff.

Here are some considerations to take into
account for evaluating whether you are ready
for a member of staff whether it be full or
part time.

1.Quality of life is really number 1 is it
really worth killing yourself for a few more
quid, especially as you don't even have the
time to enjoy that extra few quid you earned
by not paying someone to help, because your
too busy!

2.Budget workout what you can afford to pay
someone, and what work they will take off
your plate. The wages they're paid may free
your time to work a little more on the
business rather than it in, which should
mean further growthfor your business. The
idea of a business is to pay people to do
the work you don't need to!

3.Evaluate what work they will be doing and
what will be their hourly worth for the work
to be undertaken, ensure you have an
operations manual (a-z of their
duties/standards/results etc) for their
position before they begin work with you.

If you cannot afford a paid member of staff,
having a Leadership Team of unpaid
assistants who receive leadership training
in return for their help is definitely not
something to overlook.

by: Lee Mainprize,

Article date: February 2008.

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