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7 Habits of Highly Successful Martial Artists

Regardless of how old you are or what rank you have earned, most martial arts students share a common goal … to be the best they can be. What matters is that you are striving toward your personal potential. Follow the Seven Habits of Highly Successful Martial Artists to help you get there.

No. 1 - Be There: Getting to class is important not only to continue your learning but to provide your body with the routine of physically and mentally utilizing your knowledge.

No. 2 - Practice: Reviewing at home is critical if you want to master your skills. Furthermore, home practice makes your class experience more beneficial. Practice anything new you learn in class for five to ten minutes as soon as you get home that day.

No. 3 - Eat Right: Eat healthy and your body will pay dividends when challenged. Good nutrition is a necessity for peak performance.

No. 4 - Stretch Daily: Muscles that are stretched regularly are less prone to injuries. Flexible muscles can help your body perform techniques with an amazing degree of speed, accuracy and power.

No. 5 - Meditate: Just take five to ten minutes a day by yourself; close your eyes, relax, and breath deeply. See yourself performing challenging techniques perfectly. Doing this can help you fine- tune your techniques.

No. 6 - Teach: The teaching process actually “hard- codes” information into your brain and helps you learn faster. Stand in front of a mirror and verbally teach yourself how to perform a technique. Make necessary corrections and positively reinforce yourself.

No. 7 - Set Goals: Have you officially set black belt as your goal yet? Have you set a specific time-line to achieve that goal? A goal set is a goal already half completed.

Follow these seven habits of highly successful martial artists and you’ll achieve your true martial arts potential… and you may surprise yourself at how incredible your potential actually is.

Keep smiling, keep training and I’ll see you at the TOP!

Article by: Chris Foran. Founder, UK Black Belt Schools

Article date: March 2006.

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