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The UK’s First Martial Arts Film Festival At Seni06

Where: National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
When: 6th and 7th May 2006
Tickets Adults/Children: Day tickets £7.50/£4.00 Weekend tickets £12.00/ £6.00
NEC Box Office: 0870 730 0063

Are you an Armchair Warrior? From 6th to 7th May 2006 at the NEC, Birmingham, Seni06 Exhibition, Europe’s largest Martial Arts exhibition, will host the UK’s first ever Martial Arts Film Festival. The Seni06 Film Festival presented by Tiger Eye will showcase six martial arts movies as well as host special events, seminars, and discussion groups set up to celebrate martial arts cinema.

The film festival will follow a two day schedule and as well as Spirit of Kings and District 13, will feature films such as Arhats in Fury, Hapkido, Trinity Goes East and Fist of Shaolin. Actors such as Danny Jon Jules (Blade II/Red Dwarf) and Tamar Hassan (The Business) will use the Festival to promote their new British no nonsense action comedy “Sucker Punch”, coupled with appearances from the likes of UFC Champion Chuck Liddell, guest speakers and mind defying displays, The Seni06 Film Festival is an event no martial arts movie nut can afford to miss. Tickets are set to be highly sought after, as they will be allocated free of charge on a first come basis from the Bruce Lee stand within the main exhibition.

With the introduction of the film festival, Seni continues to offer an extensive range of fight sports, classic martial arts, culturally stimulating displays and cutting edge health and fitness knowledge under one roof. As an exhibition, Seni has a show floor packed with the most innovative suppliers in everything fighting arts as well as fitness & nutrition, merchandise, film, gaming and the armed forces.

“Whether you are a fight fan or into martial arts movies we believe there is something for everyone at Seni06” says Paul Alderson, Seni Organiser.

For information and materials re. Spirit Of Kings, contact:
Richard Larcombe at The Associates. Tel: 0207 907 4770

Article by: UKMA.

Article date: March 2006.

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