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Drill for Skill for Intensity

Equipment needed- Students who can be role- models and demonstrate to the rest of class Intensity in their techniques.

Begin the drill discussing what Intensity is? Ask the students if they have ever heard expressions like, ?That Guy is Intense! Or ?Look how intense she is.? Intensity can be summed up as, a physical example of seriousness. Meaning that you can tell how serious someone is about something by watching their physical expressions or movements. When someone is studying intensely they are in a quiet place, using all their focus, and you can even see a look of concentration on their face. Someone that is not studying intensely is usually continuously looking around the room aimlessly with a board, blank look on their face. When two people are having an intense discussion they do not even know that anyone else is around, they are totally in the moment of the conversation. What about an athlete, when they are performing with intensity you can tell that they are serious about what they are doing and that they are giving 110% by their physical movements and facial expression. That is intensity, being so serious about something, that is shows physically.

Next, ask for a volunteer to come up a show how a martial artist should move and look if they are intense. (This usually will work best if you actually pick a child who is intense to come up to demonstrate.) After the student demonstrates, ask the class how he or she showed examples of intensity. Then ask them what else they could have done to be even more intense. Examples of intensity that we want the students to show are loud kia?s, a warrior face, strong stances, speed, power and confident actions and movements.

Finally, have the students form lines four or five rows across the floor. Have the student?s in the front of each row perform a section of a form or combo that the students are learning for this belt rank. Challenge them to bring out their best intensity as a team. Be sure to highlight those students that are giving 110%. When finished, have those students move to the end of the line and repeat with the next group. Make this a competition to see which teams show the most intensity. Have any the student?s who are watching cheer each team to show good sportsmanship and any parents to cheer to help get them involved with the class.

Week One Mat Chat for Perseverance: The Story of the Chinese Bamboo The Chinese plant the seed: they water and fertilize it, but the first year nothing happens. The second year they water and fertilize it, and still nothing happens. The third and fourth years they water and fertilize it, with no apparent results, and sometime during the course of the fifth year, in a period of six weeks, the Chinese Bamboo Tree grows roughly ninety feet.

The question is, did it grow ninety feet in six weeks or did it grow ninety feet in five years? The obvious answer is that it grew ninety feet in five years because, had they not had the perseverance to keep caring for the crop day in and day out each year, even though they were not seeing immediate results, there would be no Chinese Bamboo Tree. All of us have had those ?Chinese Bamboo Tree? experiences. We might have had a difficult assignment in math, social studies or science. We had to work at it again and again without coming up with the correct answer. Once we did finally get the answer it seemed simple and obvious. We came up with the answer not because of our intellectual brilliance but because of our perseverance.

It is important to understand that things in life are sometimes going to become hard, but if we continue to persevere, keep working, and do not give up we can achieve any goal we set.

Dedicated to Your Success,
Stuart Wilks,
United Professionals U.K., President

Article date: March 2006.

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