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Welcome to UK Martial Artist. The main aim of UK Martial Artist is to provide a useful resource for active martial artists and also help those looking to take up martial arts find a suitable club in their area. A main feature of this site will be our Club Database, where prospective students can search for a club by region.

You can upgrade from a free club listing, to a premium listing for a small fee of �8 per year.

UK Martial Artist will offer other useful resources, including a diary of events. Any member of a listed club can submit an event for inclusion in the diary. As a free listing, each diary entry can include the date, title and location of the event.

UK Martial Artist encourages its readers to submit articles, general news items or other interesting information for inclusion on the sites archive. All martial arts related information will be considered for inclusion, including all forms of the arts and other related articles on general fitness, club development, dietry, first aid ... what ever you can think of!

Please get involved and help UK Martial Artist make this site the success it deserves to be.

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Article date: February 2006.


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